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5 Reasons to Buy PowerBeats Pro & 3 Reasons To Wait



We’ll help you decide if you should buy PowerBeats Pro, or wait. Apple is on a roll with new headphones and the new PowerBeats Pro may be the most exciting Beats announcement since Apple bought the company. These true wireless earbuds combine the best AirPods 2 features with the workout-centric appeal of PowerBeats 3.

PowerBeats Pro look similar to PowerBeats 3, but they no longer have the cord between them. You can use one at a time like AirPods, or put both in your ears for a sealed earbud experience with more fit options than AirPods.

While there are no shortage of truly wireless headphones, the inclusion of Apple’s H1 chip and Hey Siri functionality that AirPods 2 include make these especially appealing. They are also sweat and water resistant, something that AirPods are not.

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PowerBeats Pro are $249.95 at Apple, Best Buy and Amazon.

Are PowerBeats Pro worth buying? Yes, for many users these are worth buying as an upgrade from AirPods, PowerBeats 3 and other wireless headphones thanks to the design and new features. Here are the reasons to buy PowerBeats 3;

  1. Buy PowerBeats Pro to Workout
  2. Buy for Customizable Fit
  3. Buy PowerBeats Pro if You Want an AirPods 2 Alternative With Better Sound
  4. Buy PowerBeats Pro for a Sealed Wireless earbuds Experience
  5. Buy for Colors and Controls

There are also a lot of reasons to wait before you spend

  1. Wait for PowerBeats Pro Reviews
  2. Wait for PowerBeats Pro Deals
  3. Explore Alternatives Before You Buy

Here’s a closer look at each of the reasons you should buy PowerBeats Pro and the reasons you should wait before you invest in a $250 pair of Beats headphones.

Buy PowerBeats Pro to Workout

Buy for an excellent workout companion.

If you are looking for a workout companion, the PowerBeats Pro are ready to go the extra mile with you. While AirPods and many other wireless earbuds are focused on ease of use while in the office and walking around, the PowerBeats Pro are ready for you to sweat, jump and run.

The hooks and secure fit that they offer is something AirPods can’t match and that you may need to buy accessories for with other competitors. The ear hooks and fit options are essential for many people to get into the zone.

Unlike AirPods, the PowerBeats Pro are sweatproof and water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about damaging them when you hit the gym, run in the rain or break a sweat.

You get the battery life to power through massive training sessions with 9 hours of listening time on each earbud and you also get more than 24 hours of battery life when you factor in the charging case.

Buy for Customizable Fit

While AirPods and many truly wireless earbuds are a one-size fits all approach, you get four ear tips to choose from that you can use to get a better fit.

This is definitely a personal preference kind and every ear is a little bit different. Some users swear by the fit of AirPods, others buy the Bose SoundSport or Jabra Elite 65t wireless earbuds for the perfect fit.

If you love the feel of PowerBeats, but you hate that wire hitting your neck all the time, the customizable fit with four eartip sizes are a great reason to buy the PowerBeats Pro.

They are also smaller and lighter than PowerBeats Pro, so you also get a more comfortable fit.

Buy PowerBeats Pro if You Want an AirPods 2 Alternative With Better Sound

The PowerBeats Pro sound quality is better than AirPods according to CNet. The new “piston” drivers to deliver cleaner sound and better base with a tight seal. Cnet says they sound “significantly better than the AirPods.”

While some users thought AirPods 2 sounded better than the first generation, Apple confirmed there was no change to sound quality. If you need an immersive experience to get into your workout these may be a better option than AirPods.

Buy PowerBeats Pro for a Sealed Wireless Earbud Experience

Unlike AirPods, PowerBeats Pro are a sealed wireless earbud for noise isolation. This means you won’t get as much background noise coming in as you do with AirPods and other earbuds.

This seal increases the bass and can help you get into your workouts more. This is excellent for working in a gym or isolating yourself from noise in an office, but it may not be the right sound experience if you run on a road or bike outside.

Buy for Colors and Controls

Buy for easy control of music and calls.

Buy for easy control of music and calls.

With PowerBeats Pro you get a choice of up to four colors, though the PowerBeats Pro case is still black. This is a nice option that Apple avoids with AirPods 2. If you want to accessorize your gear and color coordinate, grab the PowerBeats Pro in one of the new color options or just go with a classic black.

Another reason to pick these over AirPods and AirPods 2 is that you get physical volume and track controls on each of the earbuds. These allow you to control volume and tracks without grabbing your phone or using your voice. This also makes it easier to use with Android devices than AirPods.

Wait for PowerBeats Pro Reviews

While we have some early PowerBeats Pro impressions including better sound and a nice sealed fit with earhooks that work well, we don’t have a full dive Beats PowerBeats Pro review to read or watch yet.

If spending $250 is a big deal for you, wait for the reviews to go lie with more information on the dynamic range, audio quality, performance and overall battery life.

You’ll also learn more about how it is to live with the PowerBeats Pro true wireless earbuds, including dealing with the big PowerBeats Pro case and what people do with the earbuds at the gym when they need to take them out without carrying a the bulky case during a workout.

In May we are starting to see more PowerBeats Pro unboxing videos, but it will likely be another week or two before full reviews arrive.

Wait for PowerBeats Pro Deals

One of the biggest reasons to wait is for PowerBeats Pro deals. You won’t likely see these at Apple or other retailers right away, but the Beats lineup goes on sale more often than Apple official accessories.

There is a very good chance that we will see PowerBeats Pro deals cut $30 to $50 off the price of the new headphones during the summer or during back to school time. You will need to wait longer, but if you can hold off until Black Friday 2019, you should see the biggest savings of the year.

Explore Alternatives Before You Buy

Explore PowerBeats Pro alternatives.

Explore PowerBeats Pro alternatives.

Before you by PowerBeats Pro, you should explore the alternatives that include other true wireless earbuds as well as a few corded options that may be a better fit for your ears or your wallet.

I’ve been using the Jabra Elite 65t as my go to solution when I know I’m going to be sweating a lot or working in the rain or near water and love them. The only catch is that when you want to use just one, you can only use the right bud alone.

Here’s a full rundown of the best PowerBeats alternatives that you can buy in 2019.

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