7 Reasons to Wait for the iPhone 13 & 5 Reasons Not To
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7 Reasons to Wait for the iPhone 13 & 5 Reasons Not To



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Don't Wait for a Foldable iPhone Yet

Don't Wait for a Foldable iPhone Yet

Apple might be working on a foldable version of the iPhone, but there's no guarantee it releases one in 2021 or 2022 for that matter. 

Samsung's launched a new Galaxy Z Fold 2 with a foldable display. There are also a number of other foldable phones on the market. 

The iPhone 12 won't have a foldable display so Apple will wait until 2021, or later, to deliver its own foldable device.

We've seen some patents hint at a foldable iPhone but this doesn't confirm anything. 

Leaker Jon Prosser says that Apple is working on a "foldable" iPhone, but that it isn't really a foldable. The The current prototype reportedly has two separate display panels on a hinge.

He says the current model features round and stainless steel edges like the iPhone 11 design. It reportedly doesn't have a notch.

Prosser hasn't put out a potential window for the device's launch which means its arrival could be a long ways out. 

A leaker believes Apple is working on a foldable device that will be more like an iPad than an iPhone. They claim the device will debut in 2023. 

Until we get a more concrete timeline, you should operate on the assumption that a foldable iPhone is coming much later, if it comes at all.

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