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9 Reasons to Wait for the iPhone 13 & 7 Reasons Not To



Wait for Better Displays

Wait for Better Displays

While it initially looked like the iPhone 12 series would come with Apple's ProMotion display technology, that isn't the case. 

According to multiple leaks Apple was hoping to install a switchable 60Hz/120Hz refresh rate display on the iPhone in 2020.

The faster 120Hz refresh rate would lead to a smoother experience (more fluid scrolling, better responsiveness, faster motion) on the display.

Unfortunately the company left the feature off the iPhone 12 series due to concerns about the battery. Hope isn't lost though.

It looks like ProMotion is simply delayed and there's a very good chance Apple brings the feature to the iPhone 13 series.

According to Ross Young, the founder and CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, the iPhone 13 will likely utilize low-temperature polycrystalline oxide backplanes, also known as LTPO. 

Apple currently uses LTPO, which helps with battery life, on the Apple Watch 5. This is also why the device can take advantage of Apple's nifty Always On feature

According to Young, Apple will ship iPhones with LTPO-equipped displays in 2021. Another report, from hit-or-miss Digitimes, backs this up. 

The publication states that Apple's partners in the supply chain are in the process of developing OLED displays with LTPO backplane technology for the 2021 iPhones.

Young also says both iPhone 13 Pro models will utilize this technology. This comes after rumors suggested only one iPhone 13 would feature an LTPO display. 

Korean outlet The Elec believes at least two iPhone 13 models will utilize OLED displays with low-power LTPO backplane technology. Those models would likely be the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

A separate report from the same source states that Samsung will be exclusive supplier of LTPO OLED displays for the "Pro" versions of the iPhone 13.

According to Korean site The Elec, Samsung has started producing the LTPO displays for the iPhone 13 Pro while LG has started making LTPS displays for the lower-end models. 

LeaksApplePro, who also has a mixed track record, says the iPhone 13 will indeed have a 120Hz refresh rate. So does leaker Jon Prosser. So does Digitimes. And so does Max Weinbach via YouTube channel EverythingAppleProWeinbach believes the series will have an Always-On display with a 120Hz refresh rate.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman also believes the iPhone 13 might come with an Always-On display mode. Gurman also believes the iPhone 13 will come with a faster screen refresh rate. 

Leaker Max Weinbach says the displays on the iPhone 13 Pro Series "will throttle to a 60hz refresh rate when Low Power Mode is enabled" and that this cannot be changed.

Ming-Chi Kuo believes it will be the two iPhone 13 Pro models that will have low-power LTPO display technology for a 120Hz refresh rate. So does Trendforce.

As for the power consumption issues, Digitimes reports that the iPhone 13 Pro models power consumption will be around 15% lower than the iPhone 12. 

If a 120Hz display is something you're interested in, you'll want to wait for the iPhone 13 Pro series.

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