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5 Ways the Galaxy Note 7 Display Beats the iPhone



Highest Peak Brightness of Any Smartphone

Highest Peak Brightness of Any Smartphone

Samsung's always been known for having extremely bright and vibrant smartphones, but that's more true than ever before on the Galaxy Note 7. After running through a series of tests the Galaxy Note 7 when set to "automatic brightness" can reach levels of over 1,000 nits of brightness.

As a comparison the Galaxy S7 gets to nearly 855 nits of brightness, which was 26% higher than the Galaxy S6 from the year before.

Part of the reason the Galaxy Note 7 can achieve these high levels is it has an ambient light sensor on both the front and the back, a first for any smartphone, and can read the surrounding light more accuratly than any device, then automatically set the brightness to the perfect level at any given moment.

Being able to reach levels of 1,048 nits of brightness also allows for HDR (High Dynamic Range) video playback, which is a feature we'll be seeing in the near future and throughout 2017.

This is one more area the Galaxy Note 7 beats the iPhone, and any other smartphone for that matter. 1,048 nits of brightness is a new record for a mobile phone.

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