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5 Ways the Galaxy Note 7 Display Beats the iPhone



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Strong Gorilla Glass 5 Display

Strong Gorilla Glass 5 Display

For those who've never heard of Gorilla Glass, this article will explain things for you. With a big 5.7-inch curved display on the Note 7 many potential buyers are probably worried about it getting dropped and broken.

The Note 7 is the world's first phone to use Corning's Gorilla Glass 5 technology. It is strengthened and hardened glass that is far more durable than most. It doesn't scratch easy, is shatter resistant, and very hard to break.

Without getting into it too much, just know that the Galaxy Note 7 will be very durable and hold up well to drop tests and other scenarios, all thanks to the Gorilla Glass 5 covering the front and back. This new glass is also great for HD content, like the Quad-HD screen and HDR video playback.

All those iPhones we see with broken screens, that shouldn't be a problem with the Galaxy Note 7.

Other highlights worth mentioning about the Galaxy Note 7 display are it has the widest color gamut of any smartphone to date, highest contrast rating in ambient light, lowest screen reflectance, and the best viewing angles of any phone. DisplayMate even states the brightness varies only 21% with different angles, the lowest amount of any phone on the market.

So what this all means is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has the best screen money can buy, for a lot of reasons. From a beautiful and unique curved edge, strong glass that won't break easy, extreme brightness, great viewing angles, capable of HDR video playback, the Always-On display technology, accuracy for the stylus, and you can even write on the screen while it's under water. Samsung really brought their A-game this year, and anyone can enjoy it come August 19th.


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