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5 Ways the Galaxy Note 7 Display Beats the iPhone



Mobile HDR Video

Mobile HDR Video

Those who are up to speed on TV technology like 4K video, UHD and more know about HDR, which stands for High Dynamic Range. This is the latest and greatest in picture quality that promises to show the brightest whites, deepest blacks, and truly vibrant life-like colors. Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is the first smartphone to support HDR video, thanks to the improved AMOLED display.

It can support HDR video playback thanks to pushing over 850 nits of brightness at its max, and even higher while outdoors as mentioned earlier.

This will allow for HDR video playback with Amazon HDR video, Netflix HDR content, YouTube HDR and more. And while the amount of HDR-ready content is still small, it's the future and we'll be seeing a lot more of it as 2016 continues and into 2017.

This is one more reason users will love everything the Note 7 has to offer, which is one more thing no other smartphone (or the iPhone) can say right now.

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