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6 Essential Galaxy S6 Accessories



Galaxy S6 Wallet Case

Galaxy S6 Wallet Case

I've tried over a dozen different cases for the Galaxy S6, but repeatedly keep going back to the CM4 Q-card wallet case. It is a simple and durable case that protects every aspect of the Galaxy S6, curves over the front to protect the 5.1-inch display, has a lip around the camera, yet allows you to store up to three credit or debit cards and a little cash.

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I'd call this an essential accessory because almost everyone should use a case to keep the phone safe, and in the process we might as well store a credit card at the same time. Everyone has an ID, credit card, or something to put in here, making this a great accessory.


And if a wallet case isn't something for you (as this is supposed to be accessories for everyone) we'd have to recommend the Spigen Slim Armor as one of the better all around cases for the Galaxy S6. That or the Spigen Neo Hybrid.


Buy The CM4 Wallet Case Here for $39.99

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