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7 Things to Know About the iPhone 8 iOS 11.3.1 Update



iPhone 8 iOS 11.3.1 Update: What's New

iPhone 8 iOS 11.3.1 Update: What's New

iOS 11.3.1 is primarily focused on fixing an iPhone 8 touchscreen problem affecting devices repaired with aftermarket displays. 

If the iOS 11.3 update broke touch functionality on your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, you'll want to download iOS 11.3.1. It should fix the issue. 

If you failed to download iOS 11.3, your iOS 11.3.1 update will bring a whole lot more. 

The iPhone 8 iOS 11.3 update delivered some exciting changes to the company's flagship devices. Highlights include upgrades to Apple Music and Apple News, changes to the App Store, a new Business Chat feature in Messages, an assortment of bug fixes, and important security patches. 

If you're curious about the full list of iOS 11.3 features, take a look at our full rundown of the update's most important changes.

If you're currently running iOS 11.2.5, your iPhone 8's 11.3.1 update comes with two additional bug fixes: A fix for an issue where using certain character sequences could cause apps to crash and also a fix for an issue where some third-party apps could fail to connect to external accessories.

If you're upgrading from iOS 11.2.2, you'll get features from Apple's iOS 11.2.5 update. These includes an upgrade to Siri that lets you instantly stream a news podcast when asking the personal assistant about the news and support for Apple's HomePod speaker.

If you're moving from the iOS 11.2.1 update, your version of iOS 11.3.1 comes with a security patch for the Spectre exploit

If you're upgrading from iOS 11.2, your iOS 11.3.1 update comes with a fix for HomeKit issues. If you skipped iOS 11.2, you'll get its features and fixes on board your update.

If you're unfamiliar with the previous versions of iOS 11, take a look at our iOS 11 walkthrough right here. We've also put together a list of hidden iOS 11 features that could come in handy.

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