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7 Things to Know About the iPhone 8 iOS 11.3.1 Update



iPhone 8 iOS 11.3.1 Problems & Fixes

iPhone 8 iOS 11.3.1 Problems & Fixes

We haven't run into any major iOS 11.3.1 problems, but some iPhone 8 users are running into various issues with the software. 

As we push away from the release date we're hearing about severe battery drain that wasn't there on previous versions of iOS 11, connectivity problems, issues with Touch ID, various sound problems, and issues with 3D Touch.  

Some issues might require a bug fix or a visit to an Apple Store, but most iOS problems can be fixed from a computer chair at the office or at home. 

To assist you, we've put together a list of fixes for the most common iOS 11 problems. If you're dealing with an issue on iOS 11.3.1, it's a great place to start. 

We've also put up guides to improve iOS 11 battery life and iOS 11 performance. They're worth a look if you're noticing abnormal amounts of drain and/or lag.

If you don't find what you're looking for there, please be sure to check out our list of resources for iOS 11.3.1 problems

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