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7 Things to Know About the iPhone 8 iOS 12.1.4 Update



The iOS 12.1.4 update could have a huge impact on your iPhone 8’s performance.

Apple’s iOS 12.1.4 update is finally out and the company’s latest point upgrade is available for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models around the world.

iOS 12.1.4 is another small maintenance release with short list of important security patches. And while many iPhone 8 users are seeing better performance after installing the new update, others are running into trouble on iOS 12.1.4.

As we push away from the update’s release date we’re seeing complaints about bugs, glitches, and performance issues. Some of these issues are minor annoyances, other problems are much bigger.

If you’re currently having a great experience on iOS 12.1.3 or an older version of iOS you need to approach iOS 12.1.4 with caution. There’s no way to predict exactly how the software will run on your device so you’ll want to be ready to face problems head on.

This is particularly true if you’re jumping up from iOS 12.1.2 or an older version of iOS. Apple’s closed up the iOS 12.1.2 and iOS 12.1.1 downgrade paths which means there’s no way to get back to those updates once you move your phone to iOS 12.1.4.

With all of that in mind, we want to take a look at the iPhone 8 iOS 12.1.4 update’s performance, problems, changes, and what the next version of iOS 12 looks like.

iPhone 8 iOS 12.1.4 Impressions & Performance

iPhone 8 iOS 12.1.4 Impressions & Performance

The iPhone 8's iOS 12.1.4 update is a fairly sizable download. If you're coming from iOS 12.1.3, your update is just a few megabytes and should take you less than two minutes to install. 

If you're moving up from an older version of iOS, you can expect a bigger download and a lengthier installation because the features and fixes from the updates you skipped are baked into your version of iOS 12.1.4. 

For more on the iOS 12.1.4 download and installation, please take a look at our guide

As for the iOS 12.1.4 update's performance, it's currently stable on the iPhone 8 models in our possession. 

We've been using the update for several days and we've been looking at key areas of performance like battery life, UI speed, and connectivity. 

Thus far, battery life seems to be holding up. We haven't experienced any abnormal drain and we're still able to get a full day of use.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS are all working normally and we haven't noticed slow speeds or an increased number of dropped connections. These are common issues after a software update. 

The software is still fast on the iPhone 8 and we haven't noticed any lag. Control Center, Notifications, and the keyboard are places where we often see lag, but nothing has popped up on the iPhone 8 yet. 

Given its performance and what's on board, we're recommending iOS 12.1.4 to most people. If you need some additional feedback please take a look at our list of reasons to and not to install the iOS 12.1.4 update on your device right now.  

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