7 Things to Know About the iPhone X iOS 11.2 Update

Apple’s new iPhone X iOS 11.2 update delivers new features and key bug fixes and those of you who own Apple’s new flagship will probably want to download it in the near future.

iPhone X users have been complaining about a variety of issues and Apple’s finally starting to address some of these complaints with software updates. Apple’s latest iOS 11 update, iOS 11.2, comes with a lengthy list of fixes, enhancements, and new services for the iPhone X.

The iPhone X iOS 11.2 update is a sizable download (430MB) if you’re coming from iOS 11.1.2. If you’re coming to iOS 11.2 from an older version of iOS 11, your update will be a bit bigger due to the iOS updates you skipped.

The iPhone X iOS 11.2 update is currently treating our device well, but we’re starting to hear about some of the issues plaguing early adopters.

Some iPhone X users are reporting minor bugs, others are noticing frustrating iOS 11.2 performance issues. Apple’s next iOS update could be weeks away so you’ll need to proactive if you encounter an iOS 11.2 problem on your phone.

Our guide to the iPhone X iOS 11.2 update goes over these initial problems and provides some fixes to those in need. It also highlights the changes on board iOS 11.2 and provides you with some information about what we expect from the next iOS 11 update for the iPhone X.

We’ve been using the iOS 11.2 update on the iPhone X for a short time and we want to start with some initial impressions of its performance.

Our impressions will take you through our initial thoughts about battery life, app performance, connectivity, and the device’s overall speed.

iPhone X iOS 11.2 Impressions

iPhone X iOS 11.2 Impressions

iOS 11.2 is a large update, but it should only take a minute or so to download, provided your iPhone X is connected to a high-speed Wi-Fi network. Once the download finishes up, the installation process will begin. This took about five minutes to complete on our iPhone X.

Once you get iOS 11.2 on board you shouldn't notice a huge drop in performance.

So far, our experience on iOS 11.2 has been good. We haven't noticed any weird battery drain and the iPhone X models in our possession continue to maintain excellent battery life. 

We've been able to connect to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular networks. We haven't noticed any issues with download or upload speeds.

Apps feel stable on the iPhone X. We've run into some stability issues on older iPhones running iOS 11, but we haven't noticed any catastrophic problems on iOS 11.2.

Some iPhone X users have noticed increased lag, but we haven't experienced any slow down yet. Animations and transitions are crisp. We haven't seen any random reboots either. 

The iOS 11.2 update is performing well and it's definitely worth a download given what's on board. That said, if you're feeling leery, you might want to wait for long term iPhone X iOS 11.2 feedback to arrive.

For more, take a look at our list of reasons to and not to install the iOS 11.2 update on your phone right now. And if you need additional help setting up your iPhone X, take a look at our guide.

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