7 Things to Know About the iPhone X iOS 11.3 Update

The iPhone X iOS 11.3 update delivers some important bug fixes and features, but it could bring some annoying problems to your phone.

The company’s latest iOS 11 upgrade comes with a long list of changes including new Animojis, a new Business Chat for Messages, improvements to the Health app, security patches, and bug fixes for lingering iOS 11 issues. Most iPhone X users should download it, but you’ll want to be careful.

The iPhone X iOS 11.3 update is performing well for the most part, but we’re hearing about issues plaguing those who decided to make the move to the new software.

Some iPhone X users are reporting minor bugs, others are noticing frustrating iOS 11.3 performance issues like weird battery drain and abnormal lag. We’ve noticed a few issues ourselves.

Apple’s next iOS 11 update could be weeks away so you’ll need to proactive if you encounter an iOS 11.3 problem on your iPhone X.

Our guide to the iPhone X iOS 11.3 update goes over these problems and provides some fixes to those in need. It also highlights the changes on board iOS 11.3 and provides you with some information about what we expect from the next iOS 11 update for the iPhone X.

We’ve been using the iOS 11.3 update on the iPhone X for several days now and we want to start with our impressions of the update’s performance.

Our impressions will take you through our initial thoughts about battery life, app performance, connectivity, and the device’s overall speed.

iPhone X iOS 11.3 Impressions

iPhone X iOS 11.3 Impressions

iOS 11.3 is a huge update (700MB for the iPhone X) and it could take you a couple of minutes to download. Once the download finishes up, the installation process will begin. The entire process took 10 minutes to complete on our iPhone X.

For more on the download time, take a look at our guide to the iOS 11.3 installation and download. It'll guide you through it all. 

Once you get iOS 11.3 on board you shouldn't notice a huge drop in performance, but there's a chance you notice bugs. 

So far, our experience on iOS 11.3 has mostly been good. We haven't noticed any weird battery drain and the iPhone X models in our possession continue to maintain excellent battery life. 

We've been able to connect to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular networks. We haven't seen any issues with download or upload speeds.

Apps feel stable on the iPhone X. We've run into some performance issues on older iPhones running iOS 11, but we haven't noticed any catastrophic problems on iOS 11.3.

Some iPhone X users have noticed an increased amount of lag, but we haven't experienced any slow down yet. Animations and transitions are crisp. We haven't seen any random reboots either. 

That said, our device has gotten stuck in landscape several times and we've also noticed a glitch where app icons get stuck in position when switching from landscape to portrait. Turning off the screen and turning it back on fixes the issue. 

The iOS 11.3 update is a little buggier than iOS 11.2.6, but we haven't run into any debilitating performance issues. It's probably worth a download given what's on board. That said, if you're feeling leery, you might want to wait for more long term iPhone X iOS 11.3 feedback to arrive.

For more, take a look at our list of reasons to and not to install the iOS 11.3 update on your phone right now. And if you need additional help setting up your iPhone X, take a look at our guide.

If you do decide to download iOS 11.3, take a look at our pre-installation guide.

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