7 Things to Know About the July Nexus 5X Android 8.1 Update

Nexus 5X Android 8.1 Update: What's New

Nexus 5X Android 8.1 Update: What's New

Google's latest Android 8.1 build comes with a solid list of patches for security vulnerabilities. 

If you're interested in the specific patches, be sure to check out Google's Android Security Bulletin located right here

As for Android 8.1 itself, Google's upgrade delivered a nice list of changes including tweaks to Autofill and Notifications.

Android 8.1 also delivers a colored nav bar in Settings that dims, a new power menu design, a new Oreo icon in System Notifications, and automatic dark and light themes. Some of these come from the Pixel 2's software. 

Google's also fixed the hamburger emoji in Android 8.1. On Android 8.0, the cheese sits below the patty. On Android 8.1, the cheese is layered on top of the meat. 

For more on Android 8.1, take a look at out guide.


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  4. Peter

    01/31/2018 at 10:26 pm

    Too many of Google’s base apps have been crippled on multiple devices. The need to NOT perform any quality assurance has been the new imperative. On nexus 6p I can no longer answer a call IT IS A PHONE have been forced to install a 3rd party app to use my phone as a phone BRILLIANT.
    On my yoga book, chrome has been replaced because of unbearable predictive text issues.
    I have never owned an apple product, but the dominant player in the market seems determined to push me to a different world.
    Pathetic really.


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