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AirPods 2 Deal Cuts Price to $85



This is an AirPods deal that you don’t want to miss if you are looking to upgrade your headphones. You can save almost 50% on the latest version of AirPods when you buy on eBay with this coupon code.

When you buy this AirPods 2 deal on eBay you can pay just $85 for refurbished AirPods 2nd gen with the charging case. This is from an eBay power seller and all are Grade A, which means they are in like-new or very good condition. There may be some scratches or blemishes, but there is a 90-day warranty and a 30-day return window so you can check out the pair you get and decide.

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Save big with this AirPods 2 deal.

The trade-off for a pair of AirPods 2 at almost half off, is worth it for many shoppers that want a good deal. Apple normally charges $159.99 and most deals only take $20 off.

The seller vipoutlet on eBay lists the AirPods 2nd gen (refurbished) for $125. When you add them to your cart you should see a 15% discount and then you can use the promo code PICK2SAVE and get an additional 20% off. This brings the AirPods price to $85 and shipping is free.

The AirPods 2 model is the most current version of AirPods. While there is a 2020 AirPods release in the works, this is still a good deal, and if you decide to upgrade, you can probably sell these for what you paid.

19 Cool Things AirPods 2 Can Do

Take a Call Automatically When You Put Them In

Take a Call Automatically When You Put Them In

When you put an AirPod in your ear it will automatically switch a call from your phone to the AirPod as long as you have "Automatic Ear Detection" set to On. 

This is on by default for most users, but you can check this by putting your AirPods in your ears, connecting to your iPhone and going to Settings. Tap on Bluetooth and then on the i to the right of AirPods. Make sure Automatic Ear Detection is set to On

Now anytime you put an AirPod in while you are on a call, the call will automatically transfer as soon as the AirPod connects. This works with both the original and AirPods 2, but the newer model connects faster.

I love using AirPods to take calls so that my hands are free to work on something or simply take care of our dogs. This is also super handy for FaceTime calls so that you can talk without everyone around you hearing what the other person is saying. 

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