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Best 2017 Surface Pro Screen Protectors & Why You Need One



After you’ve finished setting up your new 2017 Surface Pro, be sure to buy one of the best Surface Pro screen protectors. You absolutely need one.

You need to buy one of the best Surface Pro screen protectors from this list because your Surface Pro is the most disaster-prone device you probably own. Like your smartphone, a glass touchscreen dominates the front. However, unlike your smartphone, the 2017 Surface Pro has a 12.3-inch display. Because of its size and heft, the odds of it surviving a direct hit from a hard object is small and you’re more likely to scratch it too.

2017 Surface Pro

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A shattered or scratched display on any device is bad. On Surface Pro, it’s even worse. You can get your iPhone or Android smartphone screen repaired at your local mall. Microsoft bonds the glass front of the Surface Pro with the display that sits behind it. There’s no service to run to if you break your Surface Pro display. You must return it to Microsoft for servicing or file an insurance claim with Microsoft Complete if you have a Surface Plus subscription. A new device can take days to arrive on your doorstep and you will need a second PC to use while yours is out for servicing.

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Here are the 5 best Surface Pro screen protectors you can buy. Use these to keep your Windows 2-in-1 safe from scrapes, scratches and cracks.

Best Surface Pro Screen Protectors

  • Spigen Tempered Glass for Microsoft Surface Pro
  • Omoton New Surface Pro 2017 Screen Protector
  • Incipio Plexus Plus Shield for 2017 Surface Pro
  • ArmorSuit Military Shield Anti-Glare/Anti-Fingerprint Matte Screen Protector
  • Tech Armor Surface Pro 4 Screen Protector

Spigen Tempered Glass for Microsoft Surface Pro - $12.99

Spigen Tempered Glass for Microsoft Surface Pro - $12.99

The Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Microsoft Surface Pro is a glass screen protector that comes with everything you need to add it to your device and keep it looking new.

Every buyer of this kit gets the Spigen Glass Screen Protector itself, a microfiber cloth, wet/dry cleaner, a sticker for removing any dust and a physical set of installation instructions.

The glass protector has a 9H hardness rating and a smooth finish. This smooth finish gets you the same amount of friction as you would drawing without a screen protector on. Wings on each end of the screen protector save you from gripping it at the edges and leaving fingerprints underneath.

You can order one now from Amazon for $12.99. If you’re ever unsatisfied because of its quality, Spigen will replace it with another through its Lifetime Warranty program.

Buy the Spigen Surface Pro Screen Protector for $12.99 from Amazon

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