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Best AirPods Pro Deal of 2020 Is Even Better



The best AirPods Pro deal of the year is even better at Verizon Wireless. You can get the AirPods Pro for $220, which is a discount of $30. This deal is available for Verizon customers and for regular shoppers who can check out as a guest.

To get the deal, use this link and then add the AirPods Pro to your cart. The discount only appears in your cart and is available for a limited time. We first saw this deal in April, but it is still live and even better in late May.

The AirPods Pro feature noise-canceling, a transparency option, wireless charging and silicone ear tips as well as squeeze controls instead of tap controls like the standard AirPods. Here’s a look at the cool things the AirPods Pro can do.

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Save $25 with this new AirPods Pro deal.

This deal includes the AirPods Pro with the wireless charging case, three silicone ear tip sizes, and a Lightning to USB C cable. You can charge the AirPods with any lightning cable or set on almost any wireless charger to charge.

Pairing the AirPods Pro with your Apple devices is as simple as opening the case near one of your devices the first time. From there, you can select them in the sound options of your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. You can also connect to the Apple TV. You can pair with other Bluetooth devices, but AirPods Pro are best when connected with Apple devices.

While we expect new AirPods soon, we don’t expect an update to the AirPods Pro line until Fall at the earliest.

7 Cool Things AirPods Pro Can Do

Block Out Noises

Block Out Noises

One of the biggest features on the AirPods Pro is the active noise canceling and the sealed design that offers a better overall fit for some users. 

With the sealed ear tip and active noise canceling that uses microphones to adjust noise-canceling features, the new AirPods can block out your surroundings better than standard AirPods.

If you routinely fly, travel on public transportation or need to block out the drone in your office or a coffee shop, AirPods Pro may be able to help you concentrate.

This technology is good for blocking out droning noises on public transport, in the car or while flying. Early reports indicate this does a good job, but it isn't to the same level as over the ear headphones.

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