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9 Amazon Prime Day Tips & Tricks



These Amazon Prime Day tips, tricks, and secrets will help you navigate all the savings, score or find the best deal, and save more money for Prime Day 2019.

From Monday, July 15th to July 17th, Amazon has “more deals than Black Friday”.  Whether the deal only lasts for a few minutes, both days or the entire week, we’ll help you find them and make sure you don’t get ripped off. So, sign up for a free trial and follow these helpful tips.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 Start Time & Details

  • When Does Prime Day 2019 Start: 2:59 AM eastern Monday, July 15th.
  • When Does Prime Day 2019 End? The sales last 48 hours, ending July 17th at 2:59 AM Eastern.
  • What About Early Deals? Select Prime Day Early Deals are live now.

With more than 1 million deals available as we speak worldwide and millions of people trying to buy them before you do, preparation is key. So, now that you know what to expect you’ll want to prepare, decide what you want to buy and follow this advice.

Shop Amazon Prime Day With or Without a Membership

You need to be an Amazon Prime member to get the Prime Day Deals. If you aren’t already a member now is a great time to start a free trial. That said, you have a few different options.

Additionally, you can always get someone to share Prime with you. There are some restrictions, but you can easily share Prime with a family member or best friend. Or, if you just want to make sure everyone in the house will have access to the savings, even from their own accounts.

Download the Amazon App

First of all, the Amazon shopping app will send you tips and tricks throughout the day once everything starts. It’s basically the best way to get the most of Prime Day.

Download Amazon for Android or for iPhone

We recommend signing in, making sure your address and payment information is all correct, then head to the “deals” section of the app. Click “Watch this deal” to receive an alert the moment another deal goes live. Amazon’s app will organize all the deals for you, especially the ones you show interest in, along with similar products. Watch every deal that’s important and get ready to buy as soon as your phone sends the notification.

Use Tools to Check Prices, Track Deals, & Check Reviews

Unfortunately, a big part of this event is “gotcha” deals. Discounts or savings that aren’t really a deal at all. Just like Black Friday, you’ll see a lot of terrible products or bogus price cuts. Basically, it’ hard to know what’s actually a sale, or a deal, and what’s not. Thankfully, there are several apps and 3rd party tools that will help with this.

We recommend Chrome Extensions like Honey, which will not only give you any promo codes or coupon codes to save even more on Prime Day, but Honey lists the entire price history. That way you can quickly check to see if it’s actually a deal.

Additionally, you’ll want to use sites like NowinStock to follow hot deals and get instant alerts, which are often faster than the Amazon app. And more importantly, use the website FakeSpot, which will let you know when an Amazon product has a high number of fake reviews.

We also recommend checking out the dedicated Slickdeals Prime Day promo code section. They have a running list of all the coupons and codes available.

Stick To Amazon or Fulfilled by Amazon Listings

More and more lately Amazon feels like the wild wild west. It’s a huge marketplace with tons of 3rd party sellers. And while most of the big deals and Amazon Prime Day hot-ticket items will be sold and shipped by Amazon, 3rd party sellers try extremely hard to get in on the action.

We recommend sticking to Amazon listings or products “fulfilled by Amazon” to ensure the best experience and fastest shipping.

Whole Foods is Celebrating Prime Day

As a little bonus tip, Whole Foods is celebrating Prime Day now that they’re owned by Amazon. If you have a Prime Rewards card you’ll get 10% back on all Whole Foods purchases, up to $400, from groceries and purchases in-store.

The popular retail store will have huge discounts on tons of items and groceries throughout the month of July, not just on Prime days. Plus, Prime members can get a $10 Amazon account credit just for spending $10 at Whole Foods by scanning the Prime Code in the Amazon or Whole Foods Market apps at checkout. Then use that $10 toward another discounted product on July 15th-17th.

Use Amazon Alexa

Just like last year, you can get big savings or exclusive deals by using Amazon Alexa to make your purchase.

Basically, Amazon will let Prime members buy stuff using Amazon Alexa at exclusive prices before and during Prime Day. So, if you have an Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show or any other device with Amazon Alexa built-in, just talk to your virtual assistant and buy stuff. And if you don’t, now is a good time to buy one.

Amazon hasn’t announced the special deals and entertainment yet, but on Prime Day just ask Alexa “what prime deals are available” and get busy buying. Here’s how it works.

Add Prime Day Deals to Your Cart ASAP

If you see an item you think you want, add it to your cart first, then use Honey or those other sites to check it out. If this is a Lightning deal you only have 30 minutes or less to decide if you want to buy it. If you Google around comparable prices or to read reviews, then try adding it to your cart after, it might no longer be available. Deals go fast, so add them to your cart before you do anything else.

If you buy something that isn’t as good as you thought, don’t worry, you get the standard Amazon return policy. That way you can easily return anything you don’t like. Oh, and don’t forget to turn on 1-click ordering so you can buy stuff as fast as possible. That way you don’t miss out on a hot Amazon deal.

Check Out The Competition

Prime Day isn’t just about Amazon anymore. Similar to Black Friday, everyone wants a piece of the pie. eBay has a huge event planned and will offer crazy deals every time Amazon crashes or struggles, plus deals all week long just to match Amazon.

Some retailers like Walmart and Best Buy are already offering deep discounts on some of their devices. As a result, shoppers have more options than ever. So even if you spot a tempting deal at Amazon, check what price that product is going for at a few other stores like eBay, Newegg or even Walmart.

In closing, follow the official Amazon Deals Twitter account to see all the exciting deals as they’re announced. Stay vigilant as you shop. Good luck, have fun and check our Amazon Prime portal for more info.

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