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Amazon Prime Day 2019: Start Date, Deals & Details



Amazon Prime Day 2019 starts on Monday, July 15th, but you can already score some great deals this week and through the weekend.

This is a special sale only for Amazon Prime Members, that lasts two days and the company boasts over a million deals. The discounts and sales are on Amazon products and on goods from other companies.

Whether you are looking for some new tools for your next DIY project, a new 4K TV, gadgets or furniture there will be deals to check out. You can even save more with Prime Day Whole Foods Deals and Prime Day Twitch deals.

If you’re not a Prime Member, you can sign up here for a free trial here.  Students get all the same benefits with a 6-month free trial and a reduced membership for 4 years.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 Details

When Does Prime Day 2019 Start: 2:59 AM eastern Monday, July 15th.

What About Early Deals? Prime Day Early Deals are live now.

When Does Prime Day 2019 End? The sales last 48 hours, ending July 17th at 2:59 AM Eastern.

Everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Day 2019.

Everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Day 2019.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day is a member’s only day of deals on Amazon. Originally lasting only one day, it is now a two-day event with weeks of early deals for Prime Members.

You need to be an Amazon Prime Member to get these deals, but you can sign up for a free trial, a student trial or even a discounted Prime membership if you have an EBT card.

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What are the Best Prime Day Deals Today?

You can already shop many Prime Day 2019 deals early. Check out the landing page to see some of the current options. Highlights of Amazon Prime Day 2019 early deals today include;

These may sell out during the day, and you can expect deals to sell out pretty fast on Prime Day.

Prime Day 2019 Bonus Deals (Free Credit)

In addition to saving when you buy something during Prime Day 2019 sales, you can also get free Amazon credit when you do any of these actions.

That’s $50 in free Amazon credit for taking easy actions and spending $10 at Whole Foods.

What Are the Best Twitch Prime Day 2019 Deals?

There are Twitch Prime Day 2019 deals that you can use to save when you shop on Twitch.

You can save 30% on Twitch Merch when you use the coupon code PRIME2019 during checkout.

When you watch the Twitch Sells Out Prime Day streams on July 15th and 16th you will be able to buy deals right on the stream. Each stream starts at 1 PM Eastern and runs for 12 hours. The streams will also feature new game demos.

Twitch Prime is free for Prime Members, but you do need to sign up and link your account.

Amazon Prime Day Coupon Codes

You don’t need Amazon Prime Day coupon codes for most of the deals in 2019, but there are some from Amazon and there will be others from individual retailers.

We’ll add more coupon codes as we discover them.

Is Prime Day 2019 Just for Gadgets?

While you may think of Prime Day 2019 as a gadget lover’s favorite shopping event, this is a site-wide sale with major discounts on almost every product category that Amazon sells.

Check out the Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals page to get started, and then shop your favorite categories or brands. The odds are good that you will find a deal.

How to Shop Amazon Prime Day without a Prime Membership

You need to be an Amazon Prime member to get the Prime Day Deals. If you aren’t already a member there are some options.

The other option that is free is to get someone to share Prime with you. There are some restrictions, but it is handy if you just need to make sure everyone in the house can save and shop on Prime Day 2019 from their own accounts.

Is Amazon Offering Price Matching on Prime Day?

If you buy something today and then it goes on sale during Prime Day 2019, Amazon will not price adust or price match the new price.

You can return your item and buy the new one, but keep in mind that you will need pay return shipping, which could cut into your savings significantly.

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