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How to Get $50 In Free Amazon Credit for Prime Day 2019



You can get up to $50 in free Amazon credit for Prime Day 2019 without signing up for any special credit cards or options. You’ll need to make at least two purchases to get the full amount, but you can score at least $20 in free Amazon credit without spending any money.

The Amazon credit is like an Amazon gift card that you can load on your account. There are a few catches, but they aren’t that bad and you will get the credit quickly.

You need to be a Prime Member to get the free $50 in credit. If you aren’t a Prime member, you can sign up for a free trial, a student trial or even a discounted Prime membership if you have an EBT card.

Get up to $50 off with these Prime Day promotions.

Get up to $50 off with these Prime Day promotions.

Once you have your Prime membership in place, here’s how to get your $50 in free Amazon credit. $30 of the Amazon credit is only available if you do something for the first time, but you can at least get $20 in credits no matter how much you already use Amazon.

The first two options only work if you haven’t installed the Amazon App on your phone. You need to use the link above to install the app if you want the credit. And then you need to buy something in the app to get the other $10 credit.

If you install the Amazon Assistant using that link, you can save $10 off a $50 purchase in Amazon Assistant. You may need to go through the Amazon Assistant tutorial first, and then click on Redeem offer.

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For the Amazon Gift Card credit, you simply need to load $100 onto a gift card you already have on your account. Doing this will earn you a $10 credit.

For the final option, you need to spend $10 at Whole Foods. You can do this in-store or you can do it with Prime Now delivery. You will need to be in an area with a local Whole Foods for this to work.

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