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Best Android Smartphones for Kids



ZTE ZMax Pro

ZTE ZMax Pro

How about a phone and a tablet in one? If your kid wants a phone with a huge screen perfect for YouTube and gaming, this is it. 

The ZTE ZMax Pro is one of the best "big" Android phones for kids. That's because for only $99 you'll get a solid experience, security with a fingerprint scanner, and a massive 6-inch display. It's one of the biggest phones on the market. 

For $99 you'll get that huge screen and a pretty great phone that's made to last. It has easy to use software, a huge battery and plenty of storage. The full specs are a 6.0-inch 1080p display, a Snapdragon 8-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Double most others on our list. Then you can expand storage with a microSD slot perfect for games and music, take good photos or video with the 13 megapixel camera, and use it all-day long with a big 3,500 mAh battery inside. 

There is one caveat to the price. In order to get this steal of a phone for $99 you'll have to go to MetroPCS, which is now owned by T-Mobile. It's a much better carrier in 2017 than a few years ago, and they have cheap unlimited data plans too. So parents won't have to worry about overage charges. (Sigh of relief) 

Otherwise it's around $200 from T-Mobile, or it can be found unlocked on Amazon for around $190.  The big screen and fingerprint scanner alone make it worth considering.

Buy it Now at Metro for $99

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