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Best Fast Car Chargers for the Galaxy S20



These are the best fast car chargers for the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra. With a huge screen and 5G speeds, your phone battery might not last as long as you’d like and you’ll want to have the fastest car charger available to keep it going all day.

One of the many awesome features of Samsung’s Galaxy S20 is how fast it can recharge, and our recommended accessories below will give you those same quick speeds in your car or truck.

Samsung calls this “adaptive fast charging” and if you buy the right car charger your Galaxy S20 will go from dead to plenty of battery during a quick car ride. In fact, it’ll charge almost as fast as it does at home plugged into the wall. However, only certain car chargers offer those speeds, and these are the ones we recommend.

Best Fast Car Chargers for the Galaxy S20

  1. Samsung Official Adaptive Fast Car Charger – $12
  2. Belkin High Output 27w Fast Charger – $25
  3. Anker 24w Slim Fast Car Charger – $11
  4. RAVPower Dual Quick Car Charger – $10
  5. Anker 42w Powerdrive Speed Fast Car Charger – $24

Samsung’s new phones are capable of 25-watt charging speeds, which is more than most old car chargers. So, if you have an old regular car charger, a 30-minute drive will only get you 10% battery, while one of our fast chargers will have it closer to 60%.

1. Samsung Official Fast Car Charger

$12 at Amazon (or $20 at Samsung)

Our first recommendation is Samsung’s very own fast car charger. This has precise power output levels perfect for the Galaxy S10, S20, or Note family of phones and is nearly identical to the wall plug that came in the box with your phone. We like that there are two USB ports to charge multiple devices at a time.

Buying a Samsung-branded charger ensures a safe, fast and efficient charging experience while you’re traveling. Keep in mind that only one of the two ports is “fast charge capable” although the second one still uses 2.0 amps of output power. And finally, Samsung provides both a USB Type-C and a micro USB cable in the box, which is appreciated.

2. Belkin High Output 27w Fast Car Charger

$25 at Amazon

Next, we wanted to recommend Belkin’s dual high output charging pack, where you get both a fast charger for your car and at home that fits the Galaxy S20. The wall plus is super powerful and it’s nice to have an extra for other rooms in your house or at the office, then the car charger packs 27w of power and takes a USB Type-C cable, which is included.

This one kit gives you super-fast and safe charging both at home and in the car, all for one low price. It does power deliver “PD” too, meaning it’s powerful enough to recharge a Macbook, iPad, Nintendo Switch and more along with safely recharging your Galaxy S20.

3. Anker 24w Slim Fast Car Charger

$11 at Amazon

Another great option comes from Anker. They’re a brand we know, use, and trust. Anker has multiple different car chargers that support Quick or Adaptive fast charging, and this is a small affordable option worth buying. You’re not getting multiple ports or anything fancy, but it gets the job done. You’ll want to buy a few extra USB Type-C cables, but that’s fine when you save money getting this little charger.

4. RAVPower Dual Quick Car Charger (Both Ports QC)

If you want BOTH ports on your car charger to offer fast charging this is the one you want to buy. The RAVPower Dual Port Quick Car Charger perfect for any Samsung Galaxy owner. This is actually the car charger I use. It’s backward compatible so you can charge your Galaxy S20, old devices, or a friend’s iPhone 11 Pro. Plus, being able to plug any cable into either port and get fast charging makes it easier to use.

5. Anker 42w Powerdrive Speed Fast Car Charger

$24 at Amazon

Last but not least, for now, is another awesome charger from Anker. This delivers plenty of power to both ports, and it’s actually capable of 42w of total power. Plus, it has a fancy low-profile design and a nice blue charging LED ring on the outer edge.

The Anker 42w fast charger offers USB Type-C power delivery and super-fast 30w charging speeds, plus the extra regular USB port delivers a high-output 12w of charging power. Yes, it’s still certified for all those other fast charging technologies like Quick Charge and will still top off the S20 super quick.

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We’re still waiting for more brands to release “25w car chargers” for the Galaxy S20 specifically, but for now, you still have plenty of options that deliver certified quick charging speeds or power delivery technology. It can all be a little confusing, but just know that these chargers will give you a better experience than most other options.

In closing, you’ll want to get a new car charger after you get the Galaxy S20. Don’t use some crappy charger you bought at a gas station, or one you’ve owned forever, and instead get a fast charger so you can take advantage of everything this powerful new phone has to offer. While you’re here, don’t forget to get a case for your Galaxy S20 Plus.

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