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Best Cheap Samsung Galaxy Phones



This guide shares a list of the best cheap Samsung Galaxy phones, and why you might want one. While everyone prefers the beautiful bezel-free Galaxy S8 or a big Galaxy Note 8, not everyone can afford one. Samsung makes some of the best smartphones but they’re really expensive. Thankfully, there are a few other exciting phones they make that are pretty cheap.

In fact, Samsung makes phones at just about every price point. From ultra-affordable to mid-range phones that cost around $350. Most of these have the same software features, decent cameras, and an experience close to other high-end phones. Even high-end phones from Samsung themselves.

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Whether your Galaxy recently broke or you think spending $950 for the Galaxy Note 8 is unrealistic, we have you covered. These are some excellent smartphones from Samsung that won’t break the bank.

One of the problems with buying a new Samsung phone is the¬†number of different models the company offers. Samsung makes a ton of phones, and most customers don’t know what’s new, or if any specific phone is a year or two old.

With that all said, trying to find the right phone for yourself is a daunting task. To make things easier, our list details some of the best Samsung phones for those on a budget. This post focuses on phones that are brand new, not used or refurbished devices sold at a discount. Without further delay, here we go.

Best Cheap Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

  • Samsung Galaxy J7, J7 Prime, J7 V, J7 Perx
  • Samsung Galaxy C7
  • Samsung Galaxy J5
  • Samsung Galaxy J3
  • Samsung Galaxy A3
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

Every device from our list is fairly new and arrived in 2017-18 except for the Galaxy S7. These are great phones for those on a budget. For more information on each phone and a link to buy one, check out the slideshow below.

Samsung Galaxy J7 (All Versions)

Samsung Galaxy J7 (All Versions)

When it comes to finding an affordable smartphone from Samsung the J series is easy to recommend. It's basically a bigger yet more affordable Galaxy S7 but released in 2017. 

The Galaxy J7 comes in a few different versions. There's a J7 V for Verizon, a J7 Prime, a J7 Perx, and a few other names. This phone is available from Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, BoostMobile, and for markets outside the United States. Samsung also sells a straight up J7 on that's unlocked, and it's the best model of them all. 

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This phone comes with a big 5.5-inch 1080p (or 720p) HD display, a decent set of specs with 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and a pretty big 3,300 mAh battery. It's an all-around decent smartphone. Depending on the model you'll get a different processor or screen resolution, but they're all pretty good. 

As a comparison, last year the Galaxy S7 had a 5.2-inch screen, and this year the Galaxy S8 comes in at 5.8-inches. The Galaxy J7 fits right in the middle, yet costs between $160 and $220 depending on where you buy one. If you love the Samsung Galaxy experience but can't afford the high-end, start here. 

Buy the Galaxy J7 for $219 from Samsung

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