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The Best Chromebook Accessories in 2020



Here are the best Chromebook accessories for models of any size, shape, or brand. These all should work with the newest Samsung Galaxy Chromebook, to the oldest of cheap Acer models from several years ago and everything in-between. Plus, if you’re just getting into Chromebooks and USB C, you’ll need a few of these anyways.

While Chromebooks are productivity machines, sometimes you need a little more than the laptop itself to get everything done. These are my must-have accessories for anyone that owns a Chromebook.

Most newer Chromebook models use USB C ports, so if this is your first one or you’re upgrading from an older device you’ll need cables and adapters. Not to mention an SD card for storage expansion, a wireless mouse if you’re trying to work from home, or an external display.

Don’t just buy overpriced accessories made by Dell, ASUS, or whoever makes the Chromebook. Instead, you can save money and get a bigger selection by looking at Best BuyAmazon, B&H Photo and eBay. Or, just buy some from our big list below.

Here are the best Chromebook Accessories you can buy in 2020;

  1. USB C to USB C Cables – $8.99 and Up
  2. MicroSD Card Storage Expansion – $25
  3. Chromebook SD Card Adapter (USB C) – $12.99
  4. USB C Dock/Hub – $82
  5. External Chromebook Battery – $99
  6. Griffin Elevator Laptop Stand – $39
  7. Chromebook Car Charger – $29.99
  8. Galaxy Buds & Headphones – $99
  9. Chromebook Keyboard – $49.99
  10. Chromebook Mouse – $28.99
  11. USB C to USB Adapter – $7.99
  12. A Great Monitor – $339 and Up
  13. USB C to Mini Displayport Adapter – $19.99
  14. Extra Chromebook Charger – $15 and Up
  15. Sit or Stand Desk – $299 and Up
  16. USB C Chromebook HDMI Adapter – $18.99
  17. Cable, Dongle & Accessory Organizer – $26
  18. USB C to Micro USB – $7.49
  19. USB C Ethernet Adapter – $19.99
  20. USB C Flash Drive – $29.99 and Up

If you recently started working from home or replaced an old desktop with a new Chromebook, you’ll want to look into buying even more accessories to complete your workspace. Some of those include a nice desk, keyboard, mouse, dual monitors, and some nice desktop speakers.

Obviously you don’t need everything from this list, but it’s a good idea to have most of these before an important business trip, vacation, or just to start building up your Chromebook accessories selection so you never get stuck without the right adapter or dongle. Below, we’ll share more information and options for each of the accessories we just recommended.

USB C to USB C Cables

One of the first things you’ll want to buy for your Chromebook is an extra USB C cable, or two, or even three. These days almost every major device from your Android phone to a Nintendo Switch and headphones are all USB C, and if you want to connect them to your Chromebook you’ll need USB C to USB C cables. And while you can use adapters, and we’ll recommend a few today, extra cables is always the safest bet.

I own several different USB C to USB C cables, not to mention plenty of regular USB to USB C cables as well because sometimes you need both. Additionally, I highly recommend everyone owns at least one 10ft USB-C cable, because it’ll change your life.

Don’t buy any cheap USB C cable from a gas station, and instead choose from brands we know and trust.

MicroSD Card Storage Expansion

Most Chromebooks only come with 32GB of storage simply because almost everything you do on a Chromebook gets saved to the Google cloud. That said, as more and more people use them daily for school work or at home, they’re getting full of apps, games, music, movies and more.

The quickest and easiest way to get more storage on your Chromebook is to add a microSD card. Or, if it takes a full-size card, get an SD card. Here are some of our favorites in at least 128GB capacity that are fast enough to work with your Chromebook.

  • SanDisk 128GB Extreme MicroSD – $24.99 at Amazon
  • Samsung 256GB MicroSD Card – $45
  • SanDisk 256GB SDXC Full-size SD Card – $55
  • SanDisk 1TB (1,000GB) Micro SD – $259

Chromebook SD Card Adapter (USB C)

Not every Chromebook has an SD or microSD card slot, and sometimes you only have one external storage type and not the other. These days microSD cards are cheap and the easiest way to quickly add 64GB or even 128GB of storage to your Chromebook.

Whether you’re trying to transfer photos and music, add documents, or just get extra storage on your device you’ll want something like the Anker USB C SD card adapter. It’s what I use thanks to being extremely small, durable, and offers both micro and regular SD card support. In fact, it works with seven different types of SD cards, plus you can quickly plug it into your Android phone and transfer data too.

Or get this one, which takes both SD sizes or even a USB thumb drive.

USB C Dock/Hub

If you plan to use your Chromebook at a desk daily or your work from home, you’ll want to invest in a quality USB C Dock or Hub. These devices do a little of everything, and I’ve really enjoyed this TOTU 12-in-1 USB-C hub. It literally has every port you could imagine, including ethernet, HDMI, and an old VGA out for use with an old computer monitor you found in the garage.

This accessory lets you plug one cable into your Chromebook, and then twice different devices can instantly connect to your device.

Another one we highly recommend is the Aukey 8-in-1 USB-C Power Delivery hub. This thing does 4K, HDMI, sports three USB ports, and has Power Delivery, which is a USB Type-C technology that delivers tons of power. You could fast charge another Chromebook, a MacBook, Nintendo Switch, phones, tablets and more all through this hub.

External Chromebook Battery

One of my favorite Chromebook accessories is an external battery charger. These are also known as portable battery packs, and I actually have one in almost every room of my house, in my backpack, and another in my truck. They come in several different sizes, and are perfect for emergencies, in a pinch, or so you can recharge your Chromebook without a wall outlet.

There are tons of “portable battery packs” all over Amazon, but if you want to be able to recharge your USB C Chromebook with one, you’ll need a battery pack that supports Power Delivery, or PD. Make sure you buy a USB C PD charger to charge up the Chromebook on the go. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Omni Mobile 25k Charger – $123 at Amazon
  • Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD – $98
  • RAVPower 20,00mAh PD Portable Charger – $49
  • Jackery 240 Portable Power Station (USB and AC outlet) – $249

Griffin Elevator Laptop Stand

If you’re going to use a Chromebook as your main computing device or just started working from home, you’ll want to experiment with different levels and heights until you find what works best for you. One of the easiest ways to improve your overall workflow with a Chromebook is to buy a laptop stand.

Griffin makes a pretty great Elevator stand for laptops and Chromebooks, and it’s what I use the most. You can probably find some beautiful wood stands that look like a piece of art on your desk, like the Grovemade Walnut stand, but those are expensive. The Griffin lets you adjust the Chromebook to where it’s the most comfortable, or at eye level for a better position during work. It’s universal and fits Chromebooks of any size, even those 15-inch ones, and you can easily take it apart and store it in a suitcase or briefcase, too.

Chromebook Car Charger

Unfortunately, Chromebooks don’t all use the same charger, so this next category will be a toss-up depending on the model you have. Some brands still use the old, round, specific chargers for Chromebooks which makes it difficult to charge them in the car or buy an extra charger if yours goes bad.

Those with a USB C Chromebook are lucky enough to have the option to charge it with several different devices, car chargers, battery packs and more. So, if you have a Chromebook that recharges from the USB C port, get this Satechi car charger. It’s a dual-port 72w car charger. That way you can use a regular USB cable or USB C to top off your smartphone, tablet, and yes, that Chromebook.

Galaxy Buds & Headphones

No products found.

Another thing you’ll want to pair with your Chromebook is a good set of wireless earbuds or headphones. These days more and more smartphones and Chromebooks are coming without a 3.5mm headphone jack, plus wires are so old school. Considering the Samsung Galaxy lineup is the most popular smartphone on the planet, getting a nice pair of Galaxy Buds is a good idea as they’ll work great with your Chromebook and your phone.

Here are the best headphones and earbuds for your Chromebook;

  • Samsung Galaxy Buds+ – $149 at Amazon
  • Sony WF-1000XM3 – $229
  • Bose Soundsport Free – $199
  • Bose QC35 II – $349
  • JBL T120 – $49
  • Anker Soundcore Liberty – $79
  • Klipsch T5 Buds – $179

Chromebook Keyboard

A lot of Chromebooks are budget devices and one area that typically struggles, aside from the trackpad, is the keyboard. They’re typically pretty cheap feeling and don’t offer the best experience. Plus, if you hook your laptop up to an external monitor you’ll likely want some sort of Bluetooth keyboard for your Chromebook.

Our favorite keyboard for Chromebooks is the Brydge Chrome OS wireless/wired keyboard. It’s literally built for Chromebooks and Chrome OS, with a dedicated Google Assistant button that’s built-in. Not only is this keyboard wireless or wired, but it has all the same buttons and controls at the top that most Chromebooks have, instead of a traditional Windows keyboard layout. You’re welcome.

Chromebook Mouse

As we said above, some Chromebooks don’t have a very good trackpad. In fact, I’d argue that almost all Chromebook trackpads leave a little to be desired. Plus, most people are more comfortable and familiar with a mouse anyways.

And while we could recommend several amazing mice that work great with Chromebooks, a fan-favorite is this cheap and effective triple-connectivity mouse.

Yes, the Jelly Comb Triple Mode Mouse is all you need. This connects to your Chromebook three different ways. You can use Bluetooth, a wireless USB adapter, or simply a wired USB-C cable. It’s slim, quiet, versatile and rechargeable. If you want to get really fancy, buy an external trackpad.

USB C to USB Adapter

In case you didn’t notice, we keep mentioning USB C here, and you’ll want to be prepared for the future where everything runs on USB-C. Even if you replace most of your cables with USB C versions, you should buy at least one USB C to USB adapter. This will allow you to plug-in anything with a normal USB connection.

These are great for emergencies, external hard drives, thumb drives, or any other old device that uses regular USB.

A Great Monitor

One of my all-time favorite accessory purchases from the last several years is a new 34-inch curved widescreen computer monitor. I use it with both my regular PC and my Chromebook. These things look amazing, reduce glare, give you a better picture that’s sharp, crisp, and clear, and it’s way better than having dual monitors. I can’t recommend this enough.

The Sceptre 34 is an affordable option but it’s only 1080p and we recommend something from Dell or LG if you can afford to spend a little extra. Additionally, there are several other excellent USB-C or HDMI external monitors you could pair with your Chromebook like the ones below.

  • LG 34-inch Ultrawide IPS Monitor – $379 at Amazon
  • ViewSonic 27-inch USB-C Monitor – $350
  • Dell U3419w Ultrasharp 34-Inch Curved Monitor – $877
  • Samsung 850 Series 4K Work Monitor & Hub – $399
  • LG 34-inch Curved Ultrawide IPS Display – $796

USB C to Mini Displayport Adapter

People that travel a lot, give presentations, or ever need to connect their Chromebook to something like a projector might want a display port adapter too.

You can buy a great multi-use and multi-connectivity adapter from Monoprice for 29.99 with three connections.

Amazon sells the Cable Matters USB C to HDMI cable for $21.99 or you can simply get a little USB to Displayport adapter. Users looking to connect to an older VGA monitor/projector should look at the $14.99 USB C to VGA adapter from Monoprice.

Extra Chromebook Charger

Perhaps one of the most important accessories for any Chromebook is an extra charger in case of emergencies, you lose yours, or it breaks. The problem with this is that almost every brand still uses something different. Some are round DC plugs, smaller plugs, proprietary connectors, and a few thankfully just use USB C.

You can buy an extra Chromebook charger from the manufacturer but that will be super expensive. Look for some sort of universal charger from Amazon, just make sure you get one that fits your specific Chromebook model.

Sit or Stand Desk

One of the most important accessories for your Chromebook will obviously be your desk, where you’ll be sitting and standing for several hours every day. Here at GottaBeMobile, we are big fans of standing desks, mainly because they’re better for you in the long run when it comes to your health. Better yet, buy a Sit OR stand desk like the one in the video above so you can switch positions throughout the day, or decide to sit down when you don’t feel like standing.

Keep in mind that standing at work can help you lose weight, power through the afternoon and is simply better for your health, wellness, and blood flow.

You can buy a full standing desk or buy one that you set on top of an existing desk. I personally like a full sit-stand desk with an electric motor, but you can get manual options that are cheaper.

  • Ergotron Workfit TX – $499 at Ergotron – Easy to set up, put on your existing desk, 20″ of travel, keyboard and mouse tray.
  • Autonomous AI Desk – $299 and up at Autonomous – Motorized adjustment, easy to assemble, memory for 4 positions

USB C Chromebook HDMI Adapter

A few of the items on our list are somewhat redundant, but for a reason. While you can buy an expensive USB C hub like we mentioned earlier and use all that it has to offer, others won’t need all of that. If you’re simply looking for a single USB C to HDMI adapter or cable, so you can hook your Chromebook up to a monitor or your TV at home, we have you covered.

Plus, sometimes you don’t want to carry around a big hub when all you need is this 6ft USB to HDMI 4k cable.

Cable, Dongle & Accessory Organizer

With this many USB cables, adapters, dongles, and even a spare mouse, you’ll start to have a lot of little accessories sitting around and will want to keep them organized. And yes, you can throw them in a backpack or carr case, but you might as well get something like this cable accessory organizer. There are cubbies, loops, and areas for all types of different accessories so everything has a place to go.

I really like this Jelly Comb Laptop bag and organizer, because it’ll hold ALL your dongles and a small 11.6-inch Chromebook. They do offer smaller bags for those that don’t need something so massive.

Or, check out the Grid-It Organizer if you have OCD like myself.

USB C to Micro USB

Next, we want to simply recommend a few different USB cables or adapters that surely everyone can use. Personally, I’d buy one of each of the next 3-4 items on our list of Chromebook accessories.

Unfortunately, there are still a ton of products that use the old, outdated, fragile micro USB port from several years ago. Even brand new headphones in 2020 are coming out with MicroUSB, which is frustrating. So, you’ll want to make sure you have at least one or two spare USB C to micro USB cables to pair with your Chromebook.

There are many of these available, but we suggest going with the Palette Series from Monoprice or the Cable Matters from Amazon.

USB C Ethernet Adapter

Again, the USB-C Hub we mentioned near the top of this page had all of these adapters, including ethernet, but if that’s too expensive for you just get this little adapter. Not everywhere has WiFi, especially some older hotels, and if you travel and need the internet your Chromebook might not have an old Ethernet port anywhere.

So, get this USB C to Ethernet adapter so you can plug into a hardline internet connection while you travel.

USB C Flash Drive

Last but not least, another thing we highly recommend is a USB C flash or thumb drive. These come in handy all the time, and Samsung has a neat duo flash drive that works with USB C or regular USB so you’ll always be able to use it.

With this setup, you can plug your 128GB thumb drive into any computer or device and get information, then plug that or the USB C end into your Chromebook. Plus, you can easily connect it to smartphones and tablets to transfer files and photos, too.

Final Thoughts

In closing, just remember that you might not need all of these or even any of them. This is simply a list of the most essential Chromebook accessories we use on a frequent basis that almost anyone can use or appreciate.

My advice is to get a USB C Hub, some extra cables, and a portable charger first, then continue building out your accessories collection as you go. Then, stay tuned as we’ll constantly update this list with other great options as we find them.

Last update on 2023-09-27. This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to read our disclosure policy for more details. Images via Amazon API

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