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8 Best Chromebook Alternatives with Windows



HP Stream 11 Pro G3 - $369

HP Stream 11 Pro G3 - $369

Think of the HP Stream 11 Pro G3 as the more professional brother of the regular Stream 11. It costs $369.99 directly from HP.

The HP Stream 11 Pro G3 keeps the basic design of its cheaper brother, but lacks its vibrant paint jobs. It only comes in black and its keyboard and trackpad match its body.

Changes inside the machine underscore its business and professional focus. A TPM switch encrypts your files. Because of it, you can store sensitive information on this PC knowing those files won't fall into the wrong hands. Instead of Windows 10 Home, this notebook includes Windows 10 Pro, which has the extra security features the TPM encryption needs. There's 64GB of storage, which is double what the original model offers.

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Connectivity options and extras remain the same. You can add accessories using 1 USB 3.0 port, a MicroSD card reader and 1 USB 2.0 port. A headset jack lets you pair the device with a set of speakers or headphones, and the built-in web camera offers basic video conferencing.

Buy the HP Stream 11 Pro from HP for $369.99

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