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20 Best Chromecast Apps for Google’s Streaming Devices





Another app we can highly recommend is VideoStream. It's available for Android, iOS, MAC, and your PC. And the reason you'd want it on multiple devices is that you can cast just about anything with VideoStream. 

If you have some movies on your computer and want to watch them on the big screen, add the VideoStream extension to your Chrome browser. You can quickly drag and drop any file from your computer and cast it to any device you'd like. You can even use the Android app to browse your computers video files, start a cast session, pause it, and more. It's basically an all-in-one solution for enjoying the Chromecast. 

The best part, for me, is I can stream downloads in full 1080p from my computer to the living room. Allowing me to enjoy all the latest movies and shows with ease. Get the desktop version, or download the mobile app below. 

Download VideoStream for Android

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