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20 Best Chromecast Apps for Google’s Streaming Devices



Google Play Music / Spotify

Google Play Music / Spotify

There are dozens of different apps, music services and more for the Chromecast. However, the two best options are Google's Play Music or Spotify. I mean, you can get Tidal or TuneIn Radio too, but these are the two we recommend. 

With Google Play Music you can upload 50,000 songs to the cloud, then instantly stream them to any Chromecast device wirelessly, in seconds. No more wiring up your house or finding a 3.5mm headphone jack to play music from your phone in the living room. Just cast any and all music to the Chromecast on your TV, in the garage, or hooked up to the receiver in the backyard. Perfect for parties all summer long. 

Spotify, TuneIn Radio, Pandora and others all work with Chromecast too. Try them all. 

Download Google Play Music

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