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20 Best Chromecast Apps for Google’s Streaming Devices





We can't forget about PLEX. By now you either know what PLEX is and absolutely love it, you don't have a need for it, or you haven't tried it yet. 

PLEX was originally a platform where you could stream ANY and all of your content to any supported device from your PLEX library. This includes downloads, video files, or even a friends library of videos. PLEX uses KODI, or the old XBMC, but in a way that's user-friendly and incredibly useful. 

PLEX offers live TV these days too, and DVR features. It's basically a media streaming service and cord-cutters dream all in one. PLEX is still hands-down my favorite Chromecast app, simply because I can cast literally any video I own on almost every device anywhere I go. It's amazing. It takes a while to set up, but it's worth it. 

Download PLEX

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