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20 Best Chromecast Apps for Google’s Streaming Devices





BubbleUPnP is an app and program that basically gives you control of any and all media anywhere in your house. It's extremely powerful, and you'll love it. 


Cast your favorite photos, movies, video, music, TV shows, and more to the Roku, Chromecast, Android TV, Xbox, PS4, DLNA or Chromecast enabled TVs and more. Basically, you can send just about any file to any WiFi connected device in your house with this app. Impressive, right?


Bubble supports almost every device or platform, local media playback, cloud playback, and much more. It's an essential app that we recommend every single Chromecast user downloads. It's free, but you'll want the $5 license to unlock its full potential. 


Download BubbleUPnP

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