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6 Best Dell XPS 13 Accessories



Dbrand Skins $22.95 & Up

Dbrand Skins $22.95 & Up

If you'd like to protect your XPS 13's aluminum skin and add a splash of personality to it, buy a DBrands skin for it.

These high-quality skins come in 25 different finishes for you to choose from, like wood, leather and stone. Because each part of the skin is sold separately, you get to choose what parts of your laptop have a leather-like texture or a bright orange color. There's even a cut out for customizing the look of Dell's logo and your trackpad. A Dbrand skin won't save you from a smashed screen if you drop your device, but it will keep you from ruining the laptop's aluminum lid and bottom.

Buying just a DBrand's lid skin costs $22.95. A lid and bottom skin cost $41.90.

Begin Building Your Dbrand XPS 13 Skin for $22.95


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