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6 Best Dell XPS 13 Accessories



Dell Hybrid Power Companion  - $199.99

Dell Hybrid Power Companion  - $199.99

Stay away from your desk longer with the Dell Hybrid Adapter + Power Bank. The accessory seriously boosts your laptop's battery life, and it can recharge your smartphone or tablet too.

This XPS 13 accessory is an all-in-one solution for your charging needs. The top part of the Hybrid Adapter replaces the power adapter that came with your notebook. You can remove it from the rest of the accessory at any time. However, it's best to take the silver power module on the bottom wherever you go. It is the part of the Dell Hybrid Adapter that includes a full-size USB port to power your smartphone or tablet. This battery works by itself too, so it's just as useful to you if you leave your XPS 13 and the charger portion of it behind.

Amazon sells the Dell Hybrid Adapter + Power Bank for $199.99.

Buy the Dell Hybrid Adapter + Power Bank for $199.99 from Amazon

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