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6 Best Dell XPS 13 Accessories



Dell Active Pen - $43.99

Dell Active Pen - $43.99

Your Dell XPS 13 morphs from a notebook to a tablet easily. You want a Dell Active Pen in your hands when you make that transition.

Many people remember things best when they write them down and the Dell Active Pen is for them. Sensors inside your laptop's display allow you to use the Active Pen to jot things down as if your PC was a piece of paper or a notebook. Like a real pen, the harder you press down on your screen with the pen, the bolder your lines become. It's capable of detecting up to 2,048 different levels of pressure as you scribble or draw.

Best of all, you don't have to buy any apps to get the most out of the Dell Active Pen. It works with OneNote, Microsoft Office and Windows 10's Ink Workspace apps. Press the button on the top once to launch OneNote at any time. Press the button twice to take a screenshot and send it to OneNote.

Amazon sells the Dell Active Pen for $43.99.

Buy the Dell Active Pen for $43.99 from Amazon

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