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20 Best Galaxy S8+ Cases



CARVED Real Wood Cases ($59)

CARVED Real Wood Cases ($59)

CARVED is one of our favorite case makers from the last two years. The company makes each case by hand out of real wood from Indiana.

CARVED has a slew of different choices in wood, but we recommend the Satellite line. They use a solid TPU shell with two layers of material on the back for the styling. One is hand-carved wood, and the second is a plastic resin in one of many different colors. I get asked questions about their cases all the time, and cannot recommend them enough.

It's a bit expensive, but worth it as you'll have a 1-of-a-kind case. Each satellite case on the website is the only one. Once it gets purchased it's gone forever. The company updates its website with more designs and finishes daily.

Buy a CARVED case for $59

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