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20 Best Galaxy S8+ Cases



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Tendlin TPU Leather Case ($8)

Tendlin TPU Leather Case ($8)

I've been a big fan of leather and real wood cases lately. They look good while protecting the phone at the same time. Which is why when I saw and bought the Tendlin case for the Galaxy S8+ it had to make this list.

Tendlin uses a neat two layer dual hybrid technology. Making the entire case out of a thin and lightweight TPU material like many on our list. Then there's a beautiful synthetic leather finish on the outside in black or brown. Additionally, they offer two different unique wood grain finishes for those interested. Giving you four choices for both the S8 and the bigger S8+. If you're getting a case and want some style, this is another worth considering. Stay tuned for more cases as we try them out.

Buy it Now on Amazon for $7.99

20 / 20
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