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10 Best HTC U11 Cases



In this guide we’ll share a list of the best HTC U11 cases that will protect your phone and keep it looking nice and new. With a unique color-changing design and squeezable sides, you might consider skipping a case. However, with such a big screen, we highly recommend buying one.

HTC’s phone is big, made of metal, and very slippery. A case will make it easier to hold, keep it safe, all without limiting features like Edge Sense.

Our list details cases for as low as $6.99, which is cheaper than the $200 or so it will cost to replace a broken or shattered screen. You’ll need to spend about $12 to get a case from a reputable brand, or around $25 for a quality case with the most durability.

Cases for the HTC U11 that work with the Squeeze

While we recommend investing in a high-quality case from a trusted brand, even a cheap $7 TPU case is better than nothing. And don’t use the cheap case that came in the box, it won’t protect your device. More expensive cases use premium materials for a better experience, added durability, and even have built-in screen protectors.

We’ve found a few cases with extra features too, like a wallet or kickstand case. As a reminder, the HTC U11 is IP67 dust and water-resistant so waterproof cases aren’t necessary.

Many skip buying a case so they don’t cover up the premium design and beautiful color-changing metal back. And while that makes sense, we recommend getting a clear case instead. Clear cases offer the same amount of protection and allow you to show off this sleek smartphone.

The HTC U11 isn’t as popular as a Galaxy S9 or iPhone X, but we still found plenty of cases to choose from. We’ve found great coverage from top names like Spigen, Incipio, TopACE and more. Buy any of the cases below with confidence and keep your phone safe from life’s daily hazards.

Spigen Rugged Armor ($12)

Spigen Rugged Armor ($12)

Spigen is one of the most trusted names in smartphone cases and accessories. This company offers multiple different designs and colors for every phone released. 

First on our list is the Spigen Rugged Armor, as it's one of their most popular cases on the market. Featuring a slim yet durable TPU material with textured grips and faux carbon fiber styling. Spigen added new glossy accents for a more visually appealing case, and air cushion technology in the corners to keep it safe from accidental drops. 

Spigen specifically mentions support for all microphones, and the Edge Sense squeeze feature. Make sure any case you consider has a cutout on the back bottom for the noise canceling microphone. Otherwise, phone calls and other audio won't sound right. 

Buy it on Amazon for $11.99



  1. hynk

    07/01/2017 at 12:19 am

    It’s hard to see a flagship with the Shiny back. Many are obsessed with the shiny objects but it’s hard to keep the device mint. The solution I found is simple. Apply a full protection from a reliable seller. I opted from the they look pretty fantastic on the device.

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