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Best iPad Accessories for Back to School



Logitech UE Air Speaker

Logitech UE Air Speaker

The iPad offers access to nearly every song recorded thanks to more music apps than I can count, but the built in speaker doesn't even do Call Me Maybe justice. Instead of tethering the iPad to a pair of speakers, I prefer to stream music wirelessly to the AirPlay enabled Logitech UE Air Speaker.

This speaker delivers great sounding audio capable of filling a dorm room, and the rest of the floor. I use the Logitech UE Air Speaker in my office and normally stop  with the volume at 50%.

Despite the small size Logitech delivers impressive clarity and sound quality with depth and an appreciable low end even without a subwoofer. At $399 this speaker isn't cheap, but it's worth the price.

Logitech UE Air Speaker Review | $399 at Amazon



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