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Best iPad Accessories for Back to School



Kensington Virtuoso Stylus

Kensington Virtuoso Stylus

ipad Styli are a dime a dozen, but it's hard to find a great iPad Stylus. The two best options I've found, the styli I keep coming back to, are from Kensington.

I'm using an older model, but the new Kensington Virtuoso Stylus Pro with a pen looks even better.

I like the idea of taking notes on the iPad, but too often I need to revert to paper for notes or other needs and it's nice to have a pen tucked away in the cap of the Kensington Virtuoso Stylus.

For iPad note takers who will keep all notes digital I really enjoy the finer tip on the Virtuoso Pro Stylus Fine Tip for taking notes on the iPad. It can't compare to a fine tip pen on paper, but it performs better than the average iPad stylus for taking notes digtally.

Pen + Stylus $25 at Amazon | Fine Tip Stylus $18 at Amazon



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