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Best iPad Accessories for Back to School



HP Envy 110

HP Envy 110

Most colleges provide access to printers, but for students who live off campus or want to have a printer on had to handle last minute print needs the HP Envy 110 is my favorite. This all in one printer connects to WiFi and offers easy printing access on the iPad, iPhone and on both Mac and PC.

In the last six months of use the printer didn't lose a connection and proved incredibly useful for printing without opening up a computer.

Thanks to AirPrint I can print ot the printer from my iPad or iPhone anytime I am on the same network, and it just works.

I wish we were past the days of needing printers, but until that happens the HP Envy 110 is my top pick. In addition to copy, scan and fax, this printer offers a touch screen panel to access apps that print musical note paper, photos from Facebook and even coupons and tickets.

$179 at HP



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