Best iPhone X Screen Protectors

After you spend $1,000 on the iPhone X, you may want to protect that screen from scratches with a glass screen protector. This will keep the iPhone X screen safe from scratches and protect it from drops. If you do, these are the best iPhone X screen protectors you can buy. If you simply want protection from drops, check out the best iPhone X cases.

The iPhone X is features a beautiful new OLED display under the same strong glass that you’ll find on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The screen is slightly more resilient than the iPhone 7 screen when it comes to scratches, but you may still want to invest in a screen protector.

You should either plan to invest in an iPhone X screen protector or plan on paying for AppleCare+ if you’ve lost a phone due to a broken screen. While AppleCare+ will not fix a simple scratch in your screen it will replace the screen for $29 twice in the two year period. AppleCare+ is $199, while an iPhone X screen protector is much cheaper.

The iPhone X screen goes to the edges in a nearly bezel-less design, so you’ll want a screen protector that covers the entire front of your phone. Here are the best iPhone X screen protectors, and where you can buy them.

Case-Mate iPhone X Screen Protector

Case-Mate iPhone X Screen Protector

The Case-Mate Glass iPhone X Screen protector is affordable, designed to cover nearly the entire front of your new iPhone, but still allow you to put a case on with it. 

This has anti-fingerprint technology to help keep your screen clean and it has a 9H hardness rating which will help it hold up to scratches better over the long run. 

The glass screen protector will deliver the same clarity as your screen, and you can easily install this. There is a lifetime warranty on the screen protector. The warranty is due to defects, and doesn't cover normal wear and tear, like if you drop the phone and scratch or break the protector. 

$30 at Case-Mate

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