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Best iPhone XR Insurance Options: Best AppleCare+ Alternatives



The iPhone XR is the cheapest of the new iPhones, but it’s not cheap by any means. These are the best iPhone XR warranty plans and insurance options that you can use to protect your new iPhone. While AppleCare+ is one of the top options for many buyers, you should consider these AppleCare+ alternatives that offer the same or greater protection at a cheaper price.

If you don’t use an iPhone XR case, you should plan on getting insurance or a warranty that covers accidental damage. Even if you do buy an iPhone XR screen protector and a case these can provide some added peace of mind.

An up and comer known as Upsie offers the best iPhone XR warranty you can buy. AppleCare+ is still an excellent option, but Upsie is cheaper and you can still get your iPhone fixed at an Apple Store.

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Apple now offers AppleCare+ with loss and theft coverage, for the first time. This is a nice option for many users, but you can get similar coverage from carriers so you should be sure to compare prices. We’ll also look at iPhone XR warranties from third-parties that can offer repairs.

Here are the best iPhone XR insurance and warranties you can buy.

Here are the best iPhone XR insurance and warranties you can buy.

Most iPhone XR warranty and insurance options are paid for monthly and then you pay a deductible when you need to make a claim. iPhone XR repairs aren’t going to be cheap without a warranty, but some users will want to roll the dice and pay for repairs out-of-pocket.

AppleCare+ for the iPhone XR is $7.99 a month or $149 up front. if you want the Theft and Loss option, it is $12.99 a month or $249 up front. Out of warranty repairs will be $169 and up. There is no out of warranty theft and loss replacement, but if you pay for that added coverage from Apple, the price is $229.

AppleCare+ vs Carrier iPhone XR Insurance

AppleCare+ only extends the warranty and covers accidental damage for $149, but if you pay $249 you can add loss and theft protection. This is new for 2018, and the more expensive plan is now more like what you get through carriers. You can pay for AppleCare+ or AppleCare+ with Loss and Theft up front or monthly. Carrier plans are only available with a monthly payment.

When it comes to full coverage, you may get a better price at a carrier, but you’ll also need to deal with a third-party to process the claim. With AppleCare+ you can go into an Apple Store for help and in most cases walk out with a replacement the same day, but most carrier plans ship you a replacement overnight or within a day or two.

Best iPhone XR Insurance Options: AppleCare+ Alternatives

These are the best iPhone XR warranty and iPhone XR insurance options. The options and features have changed dramatically over the past several years, so don’t go straight to the option you used to use.

iPhone XR Insurance & WarrantyMonthly Cost2 Year PriceDeductible/Replacement# of ClaimsAccidental?Loss/Theft
AppleCare+$7.99$149$99 total/$29 screen2YesNo
AppleCare+ with Loss & Theft$12.99$249$99 total/$29 screen/$229 Loss/Theft2YesYes
Verizon$13$312$199 total/$29 screen2 per 12 monthsYesYes
AT&T$8.99$216Up to $299 total/$89 screen2 per 12 monthsYesYes
T-Mobile$14 -$15$336-360$99 Accidental/$275 loss and theft2 per 12 monthsYesYes
Sprint$19$456$140 total/$29 Screen/$275 loss theft2 per 12 monthsYesYes
UpsieNA$89.99$75Not limited, but capped at total price of phone.YesNo
SquareTrade8.99$215$99 totalNot limited, but capped at total price of phone.YesNo
Out of Warranty$0$0$399-$449 total/$169 screenNo limitYesNo

The table above shows you how these plans stack up, and could help you pick the AppleCare+ alternative that is best for your needs. We’ll be updating these prices when the iPhone XR goes on sale as some of the prices may change.

AppleCare+ vs iPhone XR Insurance vs iPhone XR Warranties

AppleCare+ alternatives.

AppleCare+ alternatives.

With the new AppleCare+ with Loss and Theft, Apple is selling the same type of coverage you get at carriers with iPhone XR insurance plans, and it might be a good buy for some users. AppleCare+ as a standalone warranty is more comparable to Upsie or SquareTrade, and you need to check out Upsie.

Ultimately you need to pick the option that fits your usage and needs the best. If you need loss or theft coverage, weigh the pros and cons of going with Apple or going with your carrier. If you pay monthly you will end up paying more for AppleCare+ than if you buy it outright.

Verizon and AT&T iPhone XR insurance plans are a better value for most buyers who need accidental, loss, theft and an extended warranty.

Upsie is the cheapest iPhone XR warranty option. You can take your iPhone to a Genius Bar, a local certified repair shop or ship it in for repair. It’s not only affordable it gives you access to same day repairs at Apple Stores. Upsie is the best AppleCare+ alternative you can buy.

AppleCare+ and AppleCare+ with loss and theft protection are the best if you prefer to go to an Apple Store for help and they are cheaper than using T-Mobile and Sprint iPhone XR insurance options.

8 Best iPhone XR Cases

tech21 Evo Check

$39.95 from tech21

The tech21 Evo Check iPhone XR case is one of our top picks thanks to the semi-clear design that combines a check pattern on the back with a colorful semi-transparent material. 

These Evo Check cases come in clear or in colors matching the new iPhone XR colors so that you can show off one of the most exciting reasons to buy the iPhone XR. 

This case includes Flexshock that ups the protection of this case to 12 ft of drop protection. I drop tested the tech21 Evo Check with the iPhone 8, and it delivered an insane amount of protection for a slim case. 

It's a slim, colorful iPhone XR case that is one of the best you can buy. I'd pick this over the official Apple clear case every day of the week. 



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