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25 Best LG V30 Cases



J&D PU TPU Bumper Case

J&D PU TPU Bumper Case

Another case we're really starting to enjoy is the J&D bumper case. We're not sure why they call it a bumper case, as it offers protection around the entire phone except the front. 

What you get from this case is a premium 2-tone faux-leather finish on the back of your phone. Complete with leather stitching and all. This gives it a nice finish, improved grip, and keeps your phone safe. The entire case, however, is made from TPU. So it's resistant to drops or damage, very thin, yet will keep your phone safe. 

This is basically a TPU case with a faux leather styling all around, two-tone colors, and added texture so you don't drop this slippery phone. All for one low price. 

Buy it Now for $7.95



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  4. aaaZZZaa

    10/08/2017 at 4:46 am

    I like this Spigen Liquid Crystal LG V30 Case

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