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Best 9.7-inch iPad Cases (2017 & 2018 iPad)



Catalyst Waterproof 9.7-inch iPad Case

Catalyst Waterproof 9.7-inch iPad Case
$129.99 from Amazon

Catalyst offers a waterproof 9.7-inch iPad case that completely protects your iPad from water. This isn't cheap, but if you are going to use the iPad near water, this is an area you don't want to cheap out.

The case protects the iPad at depths up to 6.6 feet, so it will survive accidents at home and even a drop into the poo.. The case also protects from drops up to 4 feet so you get added peace of mind there. 

You still have access to all of the ports and cameras without taking the iPad out of the case. The case is also engineered to keep the speakers sounding good while sealed up.  

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