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8 Best New PS4 Games Coming in 2018



Days Gone

Days Gone
$59.99 from Amazon

The world is ending and you’re just trying to survive its perils. That’s the set up for the new survival horror game Days Gone.

Two years before Days Gone starts, a virus turned humans into ruthless, undead killers. Called Freakers, these zombies now roam the game’s world. They are ready to kill anything that isn’t already dead. PS4 owners play as Deacon St John, a loner that’s managed to survive the disaster so far.

Days Gone isn’t your average horror game. Because of its open-world, there’s no single way to complete a mission. You choose the play style that’s best for you. You can go in with guns ready or sneak around unnoticed. The game has constantly changing weather patterns and a day and night system. Together, they make the world of Days Gone feel more realistic than the environments of other horror titles.

Expect Days Gone to launch sometime this year, though we don’t know exactly when yet.

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