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Detroit Become Human - May 25th

Detroit Become Human - May 25th
$59.99 from Amazon

Detroit Become Human will challenge your perceptions of what life is.

Developed by Quantic Dream, Detroit Become Human focuses on Kara, Connor and Markus. All three are androids, machines made to look like humans, but never live as freely as real humans do. For whatever reason, androids are starting to think for themselves. Once word spreads, chaos breaks out.

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In any other game, that would be the basic setup for an epic battle between humanity and the machines they created in their own image. In Detroit Become Human, that newfound sentience is only bad depending on the character you are and the decisions that you make. It’s Connor’s job to destroy any fellow androids that begin to think for themselves, which is a problem for Markus and Kara. Kara only recently escaped a factory and Markus spends his time and energy freeing other androids.

The game’s story changes as you make decisions with the three main characters. If one of them dies, you continue on as another. The more information you collect, the better informed you are about the decisions you make. If a decision doesn’t sit well with you, you can rewind the game to go a different route.

Detroit Become Human launches on May 25th.

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