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8 Best New PS4 Games Coming in 2018



God of War - April 20th

God of War - April 20th
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This year’s God of War continues where the original series left off and tries something new.

This new adventure game about the trappings of mythology marks the return of Kratos, the protagonist in the previous games. However, enough time has passed that Kratos has a son to guide through the dangerous wonders of Norse mythology.

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This new God of War ditches large portions of previous games. It uses RPG elements and skill upgrades to make players feel more powerful over time. It also features weapon crafting. Players can see their version of Kratos or his son, Atreus, in combat thanks to a new third-person camera that shifts and moves. Think of Atreus as a constant companion to Kratos’ main character. He learns new abilities once you've trained him.

God of War lanches on April 20th.

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