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8 Best New PS4 Games Coming in 2018



NBA 2K19 - Summer

NBA 2K19 - Summer

2K Games hasn't confirmed the NBA 2K19 release date, but we know it's definitely on the way. The publisher has released a new version of the game every year since 1999.

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As for what's in NBA 2K19, we don't have a clue. Visual Concepts will have to work hard to outdo what it added last year. NBA 2K18 had more legends, a new MyGM Mode and upgraded graphics. The game also introduced The Neighborhood, an online world where you could see the MyPlayer characters of others an stop by shops to upgrade your character's look. Pro-AM and casual games got their own dedicated areas.

Look for news of NBA 2K19's cover athlete sometime in late spring. We should have a firm release date by early summer. Don't expect a complete breakdown of the game's new features until days before the game's September launch.

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