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10 Best New Mobile Games Still Coming in 2019



Here’s a list of the best new upcoming Android games and iPhone games worth waiting for 2019. If you’ve had enough of PUBG Mobile or Fortnite and want to play something else, start looking forward to these new mobile games.

From Nintendo, Niantic, Bethesda, Blizzard, GLU, EA Sports, to small indie developers in-between, everyone is focused on mobile. As a result, several excellent titles are on the way like Call of Duty: Mobile, Rush Wars or Mario Kart Tour Racing.

Here’s a quick list of what we consider the most exciting upcoming mobile games. Then, in our slideshow below we’ll go into more detail about each one, share any release date info and more.

Best New iPhone & Android Games Coming in 2019

  1. Mario Kart Tour 
  2. Call of Duty: Mobile
  3. Rush Wars
  4. Diablo Immortal
  5. Artifact 
  6. Project Cars GO
  7. EVE: War of Ascension
  8. Disney Sorcerer’s Arena
  9. Minecraft Earth
  10. Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall

Between big HD displays and powerful 8-core processors, games are only getting better too. We now have near console-quality graphics, and games that take players years to finish. Mobile gaming is the future, and thanks to 6.5-inch phones like the iPhone Xs Max or Galaxy S10+ mobile gaming is better than ever.

Without further delay, here are all the upcoming titles that everyone is anxiously waiting for, myself included. These are the sweet mobile games still to come in 2019.

Mario Kart Tour

While there are several amazing shooter games coming in 2019, casual games are still very popular for being easy to pickup and play, especially on mobile. 

As a result, the first game on our list is Mario Kart Tour, and I'm still excited, even if the beta revealed a lot of little in-app microtransactions everywhere. 

Back in 2018, Nintendo confirmed Mario Kart was coming to mobile, and the world got excited. We're now near the end of summer in 2019, September, and it isn't here yet That said, we just learned it'll get released on September 25th for iOS and Android. 

The iconic Nintendo brand will continue its push to mobile throughout 2019, starting with Mario Kart Tour in September. The release date was originally scheduled for March, but they had a few big delays. 

Nintendo confirmed Mario Kart Tour will be free to play, or "free-to-start" and will have in-app purchases. We can expect the first few levels or tracks to be free, with others costing a few bucks similar to Super Mario Run. 

I don't know about you guys, but I can't freaking wait for this game. 

Mario Kart Tour Release Date - September 25th

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