8 Best Nintendo Switch Stands & Docks

For a Nintendo Switch owner, almost nothing is more sorely needed than a decent Nintendo Switch stand or Nintendo Switch dock. After buying one, you will wish that you always had one.

The Nintendo Switch’s kickstand is flimsy and only has a single angle. Because it’s meant for a table top, you have to look down on your console as you game. You can’t charge your Nintendo Switch and use its kickstand at the same time.

A good Nintendo Switch stand makes up for the limitations of the console’s design. Some Nintendo Switch stands have multiple angles so that you can adjust the console for glare instead of moving your entire body. Other stands get the Nintendo Switch off your tabletop so that you can see its screen without neck strain.

Similarly, Nintendo Switch docks can improve your gaming experience. Your console came with a dock, but it’s too bulky to take with you everywhere. You can’t use it at a coffee shop because it blocks the screen from view. Also, high-demand has made it incredibly hard to find a Nintendo Switch dock in stock.

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A Nintendo Switch dock made by one of Nintendo’s accessory partners can charge your Nintendo Switch anywhere there is a plug. They have the HDMI and USB Type-C ports that you need to play the Nintendo Switch on a friend’s television while still charging your console. Some of them will charge your Joy-Con controllers instead of the system itself.

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Here are the best Nintendo Switch stands and docks. Use these to improve your time in Splatoon 2, Arms, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and other Nintendo Switch games set for release.

Best Nintendo Switch Stands & Docks

  1. Hori Compact Play Stand
  2. Nintendo Switch Stand Compact Holder
  3. Nintendo Switch Case with Stand
  4. Nyko Portable Docking Kit for Nintendo Switch
  5. Tripod Stand for Nintendo Switch
  6. Nyko Kick Stand for Nintendo Switch
  7. Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch
  8. BD&A Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock

Hori Compact Play Stand - $12.99

Hori Compact Play Stand - $12.99

The Hori Compact Play Stand collapses in on itself when not in use. This allows you to slip it into the same carry case or bag that holds your Nintendo Switch console. Also, its kickstand mechanism is adjustable, so you always have the best viewing angles possible. A very useful shelf holds the console high enough that you can run the charging cable to the bottom of the Switch without interference.

Amazon sells the Hori Compact Play Stand for $12.99.

Buy the Hori Compact Play Stand for $12.99 from Amazon

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