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4 Best Nintendo Switch Stands

A good Nintendo Switch stand could improve your experience with Nintendo’s latest console a great deal. Without one, you might find yourself enjoying Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Arms a little less. Even if you don’t think you need one, give yourself a few weeks. The Nintendo Switch’s built-in kickstand will have you ready to buy an add-on to hold your console up.

The Nintendo Switch pulls off some tricks well. You can remove its Joy-Con controllers and play your games with just the motion sensors and buttons on their face. It can output game footage to a TV with just its dock. The game system has some exciting releases on the horizon also.

Sadly, Nintendo Switch’s kickstand isn’t great. The stand only has a single locked angle. It’s plastic, so you’re forced to carefully extend it and retract it. You’ll find yourself constantly worried about breaking it. It even makes a horrible sound as you lock it in place. Even if you haven’t broken it, you’ll think that you have.

Nintendo Switch stands allow you to easily view and charge your new gaming console.

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The best Nintendo Switch stands come in all shapes and designs. Some give you the flexibility to play games on any table, regardless of its height. Others provide much-needed access to the bottom-mounted USB Type-C port the Nintendo Switch relies on for charging. Another makes it easy to charge your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers away from your console. Regardless of their design, they make gaming on the Nintendo Switch when not at home easier.

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Do You Need a Nintendo Switch Stand?

You should invest in a Nintendo Switch stand if the built-in kickstand prevents you from gaming hassle-free. Playing with the Joy-Con controllers detached requires you to set the Switch on a table. Stands will help you get the right angle for any table that you come across. Playing the console’s most notable titles kills its battery fast. If you’re someone who frequently plays Breath of the Wild, you’ll need to charge often. This could put you in a situation where a Nintendo Switch stand is a must too. The console’s charging port is on the bottom. You can’t use the built-in kickstand and charge at the same time.

Here are the 4 best Nintendo Switch stands for holding up your new console.

Best Nintendo Switch Stands

  1. Hori Compact Play Stand – $12.99
  2. Nintendo Switch Stand Compact Holder – $19.99
  3. Nintendo Switch Case with Stand – $12.99
  4. Tripod Stand for Nintendo Switch – $9.99

Hori Compact Play Stand - $12.99

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Hori Compact Play Stand - $12.99

The Hori Compact Play Stand stand collapses in on itself when not in use so that you can slip it into the same carry case or bag that holds your Nintendo Switch console. Its kickstand mechanism is adjustable. This gets you the best viewing angles for any tablet's height.

The Hori Compact Play Stand for Nintendo Switch most useful feature is its shelf. This shelf holds the console high enough that you can run the charging cable to the bottom of the Switch and not have it interfere. Amazon has this kickstand for $12.99.

[ Buy the Hori Compact Play Stand for $12.99 from Amazon ]

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