15 Best Official Galaxy S10 Accessories
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15 Best Official Galaxy S10 Accessories



Samsung Level U Headphones

Samsung Level U Headphones

My favorite headphones lately are STILL the Samsung Level U earbuds. And considering Samsung's Galaxy S10 still has a 3.5mm headphone jack, unlike most phones, you can use any headphones you want with it. I still go with Bluetooth, though. 

Samsung's Level U buds wrap around your neck, fit great, offer good sound, and have 9-12 hour battery life. I actually own 3-pairs of Level U, in case they ever stop selling them. These are some of my favorite Bluetooth headphones and work great with the Galaxy S10 and all its sound controls in settings. 

They aren't completely wireless, but that's fine with me, and they're perfect for taking to the gym. 

Buy it Now from Samsung for $39

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