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15 Best Official Galaxy S10 Accessories



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Extra Fast Wall Charger & Cable

Extra Fast Wall Charger & Cable

And finally, in closing, we'll recommend that EVERY Galaxy S10 owner gets an extra fast charger and cable. Seriously, you'll want an extra fast wall plug charger for the spare room in your house, your office, bedside, or the living room. I own like 6 of these things.  

The Galaxy S10 uses a USB Type-C cable, which plugs in either direction. Depending on your last phone you might not have any of these cables or any extras. This gives you both.

This is the official fast wall charger that comes in the box with each Galaxy S10. It ensures a safe and fast charge, every time. I have one for every room of the house, and one I use when I travel. You can get it from Samsung's website for over $30, or for cheap at Amazon. 

Buy it Now on Amazon for $8

15 / 15
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