15 Best Official Galaxy S10 Accessories
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15 Best Official Galaxy S10 Accessories



Samsung Clear View Cover (Case)

Samsung Clear View Cover (Case)

A fan-favorite is Samsung's Clear View Cover case series. These are neat little TPU and polycarbonate plastic cases with a flip cover that will keep your screen safe from life's daily hazards or abuse. 

However, the front flip cover part of the case is see-through, or somewhat transparent, and will show you important and helpful information 24/7. Using the always-on display, even when the case is shut you'll see the time, date, notifications, messages, weather information or even details about an incoming call. 

You can see notifications, dismiss a call, or even control your music without ever opening the case. Keeping your screen safe as often as possible, while still interacting with your phone. Get this sleek case in Black or Prism Green. 

Buy One Today for $59

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